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My teacher name and school where I regularly practice*
I want to take part *
would like to book a spot and take part in a guided Practice on the day of arrival on Tuesday at 3 pm, (according to demand we will arrange 2 guided practice on the day of arrival)
I won't take apart
Start times Wednesday-sunday*
7.00 fully booked
Mainbuiding room for 4 fully booked
Luhti room for 2 fully booked
For extra*
early coffee+milk+tea+honey+fruit 15Eur/wednesday-sunday/person
snack (smoothie, nuts, taatelit) 15Eur/three days/person
all inclusive- tea 10Eur/person/retreat
cake and coffee Sunday 6Eur/person
cheats and towel 20Eur/set
I won´t order
allergies, special diary*
something good to know.
*I have read cancellation conditions and accept them