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I am a certified yoga teacher, certified Pilates instructor, former professional dancer, choreographer and artistic director and I have been teaching dance in the university for the past ten years. My movement background is diverse and includes ballet, Pilates, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, Feldenkrais, body mind centring, yoga and energy healing. I have also trained as a restorative yoga teacher. I also hold a BA, MFA and PhD in Dance as well as a PG Cert in Higher Education teaching.

As someone who deals with chronic and persistent pain, I have in depth understanding of how to work in an accessible, inclusive way in the practice. I have recently been part of a national research project on Somatics and chronic pain with NHS health professionals and other movement specialists. Yoga is a very powerful practice to find relief and peace.

I am also a Buddhist practitioner in the vajrayana tradition and often teach meditation and mindfulness work.

I have devoted my whole life to exploring the body and mind through movement! Movement heals and is vital to life.

About Restorative Yoga:

Restorative yoga promotes deep relaxation through resting in forms supported by props. We try to build a nest to support the forms for the body. We stay in each form for an extended duration which promotes rest, ease and softness in the joints and the body/mind. The practice also works in the subtle body, supporting energetic flows and healing. There is no stretching. We simply rest in each form and give space for the body and mind to process.

The peaceful, mindful state that emerges from restorative yoga is a great preparation for meditation and other contemplative practices.